What’s the Total Investment for Repicci’s Food Truck Franchise Opportunities?

Repicci’s is one of the best food truck franchise opportunities in the nation due it’s simplicity, profitability, and fun! Our Repicci’s Mobile Franchise Opportunity has an All In Turnkey cost between $180,800.00 – $195,450.00, which includes the Franchising Fee, Mercedes Sprinter Branded Truck and all materials needed for Day One Operation. Annual royalty fees are 6% on revenue per year. Don’t have 100+ Gs right now? Don’t worry. Contact us about financing options.
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How Long Does It Take to Open a Food Truck Franchise?

Our franchisees average a short three to six months to complete all steps needed to open their Repicci’s Italian Ice business. This includes training, setting up the truck, and food licensing.
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What Makes Repicci’s Food Trucks Different?

We offer a fun, healthy, happy work environment. Our authentically Italian products and the customers’ ability to  “try before you buy” are what differentiates us from the other mobile shaved ice franchises. Being mobile, you take the product to the customers rather than waiting for them to come to you.
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We Want to Thank You for Your Service

We offer Veterans a 20 percent discount on the franchising fee.
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Why Invest With Repicci’s Food Trucks?

All ages

Our delicious products have flavors for kids, teens, and the older kids-at-heart (disguised to look like adults).


Products served from Repicci’s food trucks are family-friendly and alcohol-free.

Any event

A Repicci’s Italian Ice food truck has wide appeal. Our franchisees serve customers at festivals, fairs, little league complexes, football stadiums, auto and boat races and rallies, 5K runs, rodeos and equine events, fishing tournaments, church socials, and picnics. We’ve even served wedding guests in lieu of cake!

Healthy, happy work environment

Our model is based on customer interaction, lively environments, and zero-percent risk of getting bored at work. Extremely low operating expense and a minimum number of employees needed to operate your food truck mean no headaches, less juggling, and more profit. Be your own boss when you own a Repicci’s food truck franchise.

One-of-a-kind, quality products

From gelato to Italian Ice to our coffee and hot chocolate, Repicci’s products are 100 percent authentic Italian cuisine. We serve only the highest quality flavors with wholesome ingredients. All you have to do is get a customer to taste it, and they’re hooked.

Ready to serve

Our products are manufactured and delivered to food truck franchisees ready to serve with flavor consistency ensured. Hassle-free and flavor-full.

Marketing Assistance

Mobile business model

A food truck business is all the rage today. Your storefront competitors must wait for customers to come to them. We take the product to the customers, wherever they are. Mobile app – Even though you’re on the move, your customers can get updates on your locations through SMS marketing and social media.

Colorful wraps on food trucks

Eye-capturing, color images of our delicious products will make any onlooker imagine your cool Italian ice melting on their tongue.

Everywhere you go, you are a rolling billboard

With its colorful wrap showcasing products, your food truck business increases awareness daily and builds the brand. Exterior video display – Promote upcoming events and daily specials. Video displays also make the ordering process engaging, entertaining, and updatable.

Route planning

This will ensure your food truck business is highly visible and only in well-traveled areas.

Opening to new markets

Repicci’s corporate will guide and assist you on how to open new markets in your area, help you with ideas, open doors, and get advice for optimizing your business model. From your grand opening and beyond, our support is unparalleled.

Getting into events

We will teach you how to cut through the red tape on event vendor lists, become entrenched with local businesses, and meet catering requirements.

SMS/text message marketing

Through our partnership with a leading vendor, you can communicate with your customers on a regular basis. Whether new flavors, special offers and upcoming locations and events, your customers are up-to-date and in-the-know. This system is set up, ready to go, and easy to use.

Sampling for your customers = Sales

We will train you on sampling techniques because once a person tastes our products, you have a customer for life.