The Lingo of a Food Truck Franchise

RepiccisMobile_1You’re probably thinking about opening a food truck franchise. Of course, you are; after all, opening a food truck franchise is a fun life choice that starts you off with what you need to grow your business. For example, an investment of $155,000 – $175,000 into a Repicci’s Italian Ice and Gelato food truck franchise gets you the Mercedes Sprinter truck and all the equipment and training you need to get rolling. But do you know any food truck lingo?

The English language is constantly changing, adapting and evolving. Industry-specific slang is always seeping into the general population’s everyday speech. You’ve probably heard slang terms like “10-4” (trucking), “in the weeds” (hospitality), and even “cool” (music).

If you’re going to own a food truck franchise, you’d better learn the language. NPR reported on food writer, historian and critic John T. Edge’s collection of such slang words in his recent book, The Truck Food Cookbook. Here are a few of them:

Ventrification: The gentrification of a street because of the addition of food truck vendors.

Mexican Cokes: Coca-Cola sweetened with cane sugar, served in a tall, thick glass bottle.

Nonsaraunt: A non-traditional restaurant in a non-traditional setting.

B&M: A traditional, brick and mortar restaurant, as opposed to an arguably better restaurant that moves.

By investing in a Repicci’s food truck franchise, you’ll be set up with what you need to run a successful food truck franchise, including the truck, equipment, training, and licensing assistance. Veterans even receive a 20 percent discount as a thank you for their service.

But you’re going to have to learn the language on your own.

For more information about owning a Repicci’s food truck franchise, visit or call 1-888-REAL ICE (732-5423).