Italian Ice & Gelato Business

“We are working to create a family here.” – Frank Repici

Happy, fun, healthy working environment

Never spend another day stuck in a windowless, high-rise office, with thankless bosses and ridiculous red tape. At Repicci’s, our company culture is built on fun and empowering our franchisees to claim success.

Be your own boss when you own a food truck

Owning a Repicci’s Italian Ice & Gelato business means you get to set your own hours, choose events for your food truck, hire your employees, and be a one-man-band or a mom and pop.

Interactive, event-driven, mobile business model

By the nature of our business, you will be out and about and among people, wherever the action is.

No suit and tie

Wear a Repicci’s shirt and shorts or jeans all year long. Oh, and don’t forget the words of the all-wise Annie: “You’re never fully-dressed without a smile!”

We’re here for each other

Attend retreats with fellow franchisees and corporate staff. Build camaraderie among fellow franchisees. Swap success stories and best practices of being an Italian Ice & Gelato business owner.

How is an Italian Ice and Gelato Business Different from Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt, and Shaved Ice?

Our Italian Ice is manufactured with consistent flavor, ensuring the same refreshing, delicious taste from the first bite to the last. When a customer — usually a child — eats shaved ice, aka sno-cone, the flavor depends on where the thick, sugary syrup drips after it’s poured over the ice. And, because our product is ready to serve, your customers can sample the product which pretty much guarantees they will buy it (again and again).

Authentic gelato differs from ice cream in that it is lower in air content and manufactured using less butterfat, giving it a more intense flavor. Read an National Public Radio story on the many ways gelato is a billion times better than ice cream!

Italian Ice & Gelato Business