Is Gelato Better Than Ice Cream?

gelato better than ice cream

We strongly feel our delicious Italian Gelato is better than ice cream.

Repicci’s gelato is wholesome, made fresh with no artificial flavors or preservatives, and contains a higher milk-to-cream ratio – which makes its fat content much lower and the taste much richer than that of any ice cream. (Learn more about gelato  and Italian ice at Repicci’s Italian Ice.)   Is gelato better than ice cream? We think so! Try it yourself and see.

Italian ice

  • Kids

    1 scoop, 1 flavor

  • Regular

    3 scoops, any 3 flavors

Repicci’s Italian Ice is fat free, cholesterol free, gluten free and dairy free. The perfect treat for everyone.

Try the Lemon + Creamsicle for a delicious Lemon Meringue Pie flavor!


  • Kids

    1 scoop, 1 flavor

  • Regular

    2 scoops, any 2 flavors

Enjoy Cappuccino Chip + Vanilla Bean for a fantastic Espresso flavor!


Green Apple & Lemon Italian Ice
Gelati is a blend of Repicci’s fruit flavored Italian Ice with Repicci’s Gelato. The flavors are entirely up to you to mix, match, and enjoy!

  • Regular

    2 scoops Italian Ice + 1 scoop Gelato

Try our new Caramel Apple combo, by combining Green Apple Italian Ice + Salted Caramel Gelato!

Try it before you buy it. Repicci’s offers flavor sampling – just ask the Repicci’s food truck operator for a taste to test our delicious products before you dive in and order.

They will even give you some pretty sweet recommendations, but if you’re having trouble choosing, choose not to decide. Instead, order a combo – two flavors of Italian Ice or gelati! Reduce stress and leave your tastebuds singing Italian opera.gelato better than ice cream

Repicci’s Nutritional, Ingredient and Allergen Information (PDF)