Luck in Food Truck Franchising

Here’s your daily dose of Italian: “in boca al lupo.” We the Italians says the phrase is an idiom that roughly translates to “break your leg” when wishing someone good luck.

The Lingo of a Food Truck Franchise

You’re probably thinking about opening a food truck franchise. Of course, you are; after all, opening a food truck franchise is a fun life choice that starts you off with what you need to grow your business.

Of Love and Gelato: An Italian Sonnet

Does love come from Italy? There is no doubt
The birthplace of Cupid and St. Valentine
With paintings and poems and gondola rides
Now in February the lovers come out
Some couples will smile while some others will pout
Gifts of affection will be exchanged in time
Like flowers and baubles, both are well and fine
But the way to the heart’s always through the mouth
Give them Repicci’s Italian gelato
On Valentine’s Day it’s much more than a treat
Like love it’s from Italy, so apropos
But unlike the country, it’s love you can eat
As Lapo Gianni the poet once wrote
To quote: “The thought my heart nourishes is sweet”

Music Festival

Music Festival Italian Ice

We do the best music festival refreshments, and you know it!

Our new food truck will have its next public appearance tomorrow, (Saturday, Oct. 17) at the Cask and Drum music festival at Avondale Brewery.